Processing client orders in real time, in Internet or by telephone is not only a series of processes but is the generation of “Events” that need a managerial mind set, “Forma Mentis” , supported by a system of “Collaborative NETWork Flow".....Jonata Technology Limited (JTL) has developed the concept of "X-tensible Business Knowledge Sharing " using principles of collaboration and usability. This responds to the strategic needs of " Event Driven Business" required by the Glocal marketplace where “real-time information must be available from multidimensional systems and content sourcesJTL uses this concept to identify and resolve problems in traditional, hierarchical enterprises where the transformation into innovative organizations is most often difficult and costly. Its parent method and the flexible unity and unprecedented scaleability of its components offers an optimal solution to achieve ROI - Return on Investment.JTL re-engineers information systems as “Collaborative Networked Information Systems”using its

CKB - Collaborative Knowledge Broker” method. Using the CKB JTL has developed a new structural model made up of shared and collaborative networked workflows, similar to a nervous system called the

ECHO- Enterprise Collaborative Holonic Organization .

JTL has created “ECHO” as the environment to manage a “Real-Time Enterprise” and “Enterprise Content Management”. It creates real “Value Chains” through its “auto-configurability” and its immediate and flexible capacity for instant collaboration (“X-tensible”) between any type of “entity” (Organisation, company, person, device, process …… community). This is enabled by establishing a direct channel of “Contextual Communication” in the the

X-CKB - X-tensible-Contextual Knowledge Bus

where interaction takes place between the components of an Enterprise (Levels, groups, processes) efficiently and effectively and in REAL-TIME without disrupting existing IT infrastructures.JTL re-engineers information systems as

“Collaborative Networked Information Systems”( on CloudMode)

using the components of the CKB. It transforms business processes into dynamic relational flows and automatic procedures interacting with existing information and communication systems, and emerging technologies (E-Services or Web Services) through “Dynamic Tropism” using the

CICO-Collaborative In-formation Core Organization" system

with its intelligent kernel the TDE - Tropic Data Engine

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