ECHO - Enterprise Collaborative HOLONIC Organization



    ECHO - ENTERPRISE COLLABORATIVE HOLONIC ORGANISATION - represents the organisation with all its entities, resources, relationships and processes, and through the CKB – Collaborative Knowledge Broker is able to organise these components to the best possible advantage.  The flexibility of the CKB allows any structures to be mapped, hierarchies, grids, serialisations … along side each other.  Its characteristic properties are defined in its name:

    • ENTERPRISEis the business objective, or reason, for the construction of the ECHO object,  
    • COLLABORATIVE – the structure of the organisation is created by mapping and managing the relationships between the component and the values that they generate,
    • HOLONIC –is that each organisation is a complete entity in its own right, but can be encapsulated in or encapsulate other entities. 
    • ORGANISATION – is the collection of components, and relationships required to achieve the objectives and to plan, manage them.

    An ECHO object can be considered to be any a application, a project or a process. It could be a corporation, a department or a work group. What is important is that it is an object that has a defined relationship with the rest of the world that allows it to collaborate where and when required, without need for disruptive and complex re-engineering while having its own discrete internal structure.

    It does not have a fixed location, or importance, in a structure its position depends on the context in which it is being used.  Therefore an ECHO can be included in an organisation according to its relevance to that particular requirement. For example an ECHO may be configured integrate Call Centre Service in a company. Where as the Call Centre Management will see this as an essential management tool and their operations will be encapsulated in it, other departments will see the Call Centre ECHO as a  service which they may use in their own organisations, for example as a support for marketing or help desk according to company strategy.

    ECHO, with its use of the other components of the CKB,  allows the creation of different perspectives of the same objects through the ability to create contextual processes and relationships, and the ability to assimilate indicators over time.  Responding in this way to the requirements of the Event Driven Business using Business Knowledge sharing. 

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